They Make the Plays — You Make the Action!

Have you ever watched a football game and knew the exact play that the coach was going to call? But your friend thought he knew better? After the coach calls that play, what are you left with but bragging rights and a fleeting sense of superiority? Until now, there wasn’t a great way to make those bets while you watched the game. Now… there is BALLCRAPS!

Ballcraps is the game that organizes all the in-game bets that you always wanted to make with your friends. Its design mimics a traditional craps table, where you lay your bets on the table and wait for the shooter to roll the dice. Except with Ballcraps, it’s the football players making the plays, and you’re making the action: the bets and odds are proposed and accepted by you and the people in your living room.


  1. Odds are determined by the players
  2. A bet doesn’t count unless another player accepts it
  3. You can’t match any bet while the play is in progress
  4. You can bet on what’s going to happen in the next play,
    the set of downs, the drive, or the game.

Play at Home
Getting together with friends to watch the game?

Bet on anything with the home set!

Play Anywhere
Coming Soon!

A web-based Mobile App so you can play with your friends wherever they are.

Play in Style
Get your own CNC-routed LED edge-lit table.

We’ll custom build a Ballcraps table for your home, your man-cave, or your bar!